Câu chuyện số 07-My hero-


-Anh thư viện kể chuyện-
-Câu chuyện số 07-

-My hero-

                It is Thursday. I hate Thursday. Today, multitudes of parents and children make long trips in order to arrive at this destination…hell. It is a crowded and noisy place. It is a place where people do not smile, a place where pain  and  fear lurk around  every  corner. I exit the elevator on the fourth floor, turn the far-too-familiar corner, and sit in an uncomfortable chair. People are all around me, yet I am alone. Although my journey has just begun for today, it is  not an unfamiliar one. I have been here many times before. Twenty-one grooves in each tile. I have counted them often. I settle myself in my chair because I know it may be some time before my name is called. Suddenly, I hear a strange sound. It is a laugh. I can hardly believe it, for no one laughs on Thursday. Thursday is chemo day on 4B.

                I can the crowded reception area, looking for the source of the laughter. I note child after child, parent after parent. Then all look the same-tired and frightened.  I am certain each is thinking the same thought: Why is the treatment worse than the disease? My eyes lock on one particular mother who is holding her baby, a boy of about eight months. The laugh is his. He is bouncing on his mother’s knee. It is obvious this is the child’s favorite game. The mother’s face is one big smile. She relishes the brief moments of happiness in her son’s short life. She realizes it may be a while before he has the strength to smile again. He, too, has been chosen to suffer an unfair and uncertain fate. My eyes fill with tears.

                I shift in my seat to get a better view of the baby. I stare at his small, bald head. Baldness is not unusual in an infant, but I know why he is hairless. Suddenly I become angry with myself. I despite it when people stare at me; however, here I am sharing the stares I abhor.

                I shirt my weight once again and sink more deeply into the groove of my chair. A rush of emotions-anger, fear, sadness, pitysurge though me. I remain deeply engrossed in my thoughts for a long time. A booming voice interrupts my reverie. It is the nurse summoning mother and baby into hell. Simultaneously the bouncing and laughing cease. The mother picks up her son. As they walk past me, I look at the baby once more. He is completely calm. His eyes are bright, and there is an expression of complete trust on his tiny face. I know that I will never forget that expression.

                This is but one of many Thursdays. However, on this particular Thursday, many  months into a seemingly endless series of treatments, I learned a lesson from a little baby. He changed my life. He taught me that anger, tears and sadness are only for those who have given up. He also taught me to trusr. This I will carry with me always. Today, my little hero is doing fine. His last treatment is in sight and his future looks bright. I can honestly-eyed baby appeared so pale and sick that day. However, that was before I learned to trust.

                Everyone, some sooner than others, must endure his her own personal “hell on earth.” It is important to keep searching for the small joys, although they are sometimes the most elusive. Trust that these joys will appear, sometimes unexpectedly, and often in life’s darkest moments…for instance, in the smile on a baby’s face.

-Katie Gill-

-Trích-Hạt giống tâm hồn-Vượt lên nghịch cảnh-

-Tác giả: Jack Canfield 

-Câu chuyện số 05-Hãy cho mình thêm một cơ hội-


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